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Professor Ioannis Kokkoris, BA Economics (Essex), MPhil Economics (Cambridge) LLM (Warwick), PhD (Kings College London)


Professor of Law and Economics

Room Number: Lincoln's Inn Fields


Professor Ioannis Kokkoris holds a Chair in Law and Economics at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London, UK. He is also the Vice Chairman of the Institute of Studies in Competition Law and Policy.

He is an expert on competition law as well as on law and economics. His main research interests are in the area of law and economics, comparative competition law/economics and policy focusing on EU, China and ASEAN, as well as intellectual property, and financial regulation. Professor Kokkoris has formerly served as Principal Case Officer/Economic Advisor in the Mergers branch at the Office of Fair Trading, UK where he dealt with leading cases such as NASDAQ/LSE, NYSE/Euronext, Global/GCap and was a member of the drafting team of the UK Merger Guidelines. He has also worked on abuse of dominance cases as well as cartels and other anticompetitive agreements cases. He has previously served as an Economist in the Merger Task Force at the DG Competition-European Commission.

He was the Founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Commercial Law and Financial Regulation, Vice President of the International Think-Tank on Innovation and Competition and has worked as a Consultant at the Federal Trade Commission, USA.

Professor Kokkoris has led and worked on funded projects by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank, the European Commission, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and other international institutions. He is a special advisor to a number of competition authorities and frequently advises companies on competition enforcement issues in a number of jurisdictions and delivers training programmes for companies, competition authorities and courts.

He holds a BSc Economics (Essex), MPhil Economics (Cantab), LLM (Warwick) and PhD in Competition Law (Kings College London) and has conducted research at Harvard Law School. He has authored and co-authored more than 15 books, more than 60 articles and 20 chapters. He is on the editorial board of various international journals.

Postgraduate Teaching

  • CCLE001 Law and Economics I for Lawyers
  • CCLE002 Law and Economics I for Economists
  • CCLE003 Law and Economics II
  • ECCL023 Law and Finance in Practice
  • QLLM135 Corporate Finance Law


Research Interests:

Ioannis' main research interests are in the area of competition law, competition economics, comparative competition law/economics and policy (EU, US, China, ASEAN), law and economics, intellectual property, as well as financial regulation.

Ioannis is currently working on comparative research projects on the development of competition law and competition enforcement in EU, US and China as well as the ASEAN region. He is also working on projects on the regulatory regimes in financial markets in Europe, US and other jurisdictions.


Books - authored

  • Kokkoris I., Competition Enforcement in China and the EU. A Comparative Approach, proposal (publisher TBC), forthcoming 2016
  • Kokkoris I. The Treatment of Non-Collusive Oligopoly Under the ECMR and National Merger Control, Routledge, 2010.
  • Kokkoris I. Is There a Gap in the Enforcement of Article 82, BIICL, 2009.
  • Kokkoris I. Assessment of Coordinated Effects in Mergers, Sakkoulas, 2009.

Books - co-authored

  • Kokkoris I., Law and Finance of Corporate Finance, proposal, 2016.
  • Maniatis S., Kokkoris I., et al. Trademarks and Competition Law, Oxford University Press, forthcoming, 2016.
  • Kokkoris I., Shelanski H., EU Merger Control: A Legal and Economic Analysis, Oxford University Press, 2014.
  • Kokkoris I., Olivares-Caminal R., Antitrust Policy in the Wake of Financial Crises, Cambridge University Press, 2010.
  • Kokkoris I., Deredaki M., Triantafylakis G., Ελεύθερος Ανταγωνισμός (Free Competition, in Greek) Nomiki Bibliothiki, November 2005

Books - Edited and Contributed

  • Kokkoris I. (ed), Competition Cases from the European Union. The Ultimate Guide to Leading Cases from EU, EFTA and Member States, Sweet and Maxwell, 2010.
  • Kokkoris I., Etro F., (eds) Competition Law and the Enforcement of Article 102, Oxford University Press, 2010.
  • Kokkoris I., Lianos I., (eds) The Reform of EC Competition Law: New Challenges, Kluwer, 2009
  • Kokkoris I., Lianos I., (eds) Reform of EC and Greek Competition Law, Nomiki Bibliothiki, 2008
  • Kokkoris I. (ed), Competition Cases from the European Union. The Ultimate Guide to Leading Cases of the EU and all 27 Member States, Sweet and Maxwell, December 2007.

Journal Issues - Edited

  • Kokkoris I., (ed), Special Issue of the Antitrust Bulletin on Divergence of US and EU Competition Enforcement, 2014.
  • Kokkoris I., (ed), Special Issue of the Antitrust Bulletin on EC Competition Law, 2010.

Chapters in Books

  • Competition law in financial markets in Galloway J., The Intersections of Antitrust: questions of design and enforcement, Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2016.
  • Expedited Corporate Debt Restructuring: Competition Law Implications in Olivares Caminal R., Expedited Corporate Debt Restructuring: Different Alternatives in the European Union, Oxford University Press, forthcoming, 2015.
  • Resolution of Banks and the State Aid Regime, (with Olivares Caminal R.) in Singh D., Binder J., forthcoming, 2015.
  • The special nature of banks and its regulatory challenges, in Gray J., Cecco F., Research Handbook on State Aid in the Banking Sector, Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2015.
  • Chapter on Merger Control, in Lianos I., Geradin D., (eds.) Research Handbook in European Competition Law, Edward Elgar, 2013
  • “Excessive Pricing as an Abuse of Article 102” with Marcus Glader, chapter in González Díaz E., Piergiovanni M. (eds.), by Claeys & Casteels, 2013.
  • Chapters (two) on mergers and exempted anticompetitive agreements, in Tzouganatos D., (ed.), EC and Greek Competition Law, Nomiki Vivliothiki, 2012
  • To Divest or Not to Divest: That is the Question in Olivares-Caminal R., Singh D., Lambrosse J., Managing Systemic Risk in the Financial System, Edward Elgar, 2011, pp. 248-267
  • “Are we Underenforcing Article 102 TFEU”, in Kokkoris, Etro (eds.), Competition law and the Enforcement of Article 102, by Oxford University Press, 2010, pp. 139-163.
  • “Toward an Economic Approach to Article 102 TFEU” with Federico Etro, in Kokkoris, Etro (eds.), Competition Law and the Enforcement of Article 102, by Oxford University Press, 2010, pp. 1-36.
  • “Critical Analysis of the Substantive Reforms in the ECMR”, in Kokkoris I., Lianos I., The Reform of EC Competition Law: New Challenges, with K. Katona, Kluwer, 2010, pp. 437-476.
  • “Failing Firm Defence in Failing Markets”, in Olivares-Caminal R., Lambrosse J. R., Singh D., Financial Crisis Management and Bank Resolution, Informa-Lloyds of London, 2009, pp. 237-254.
  • “Legal and Economic Implications of Vertical Restraints” (in Greek) in Kokkoris I., Lianos I., Reform of EC and Greek Competition Law, Nomiki Bibliothiki, October 2008, pp. 277-292
  • “Implications of Merger Legislation for Corporate Debt Restructuring” in Olivares-Caminal R. ed. Expedited Debt Restructuring: An International Comparative Analysis, September 2007, Kluwer pp. 543-601

Articles (all in refereed journals)

  • Kokkoris I., Merging Banks in Time of Crisis, Journal of Banking Regulation, forthcoming (2015).
  • Kokkoris I., Competition vs. Financial Stability: Bank Mergers and the Role of the State, Antitrust Bulletin, Autumn, 2014.
  • Kokkoris I., The Two Shades of Grey: The Aegean/Olympic Air Transaction in 2011 and 2013, International Corporate Rescue, vol. 11 issue 4, 2014
  • Kokkoris I., Excessive Pricing Saga, Business Law Review, March 2014
  • Kokkoris I., The Limits on Cooperative Association and its Members in the EU, Global Legal Issues 2013, Korea Legislation Research Institute, 2014.
  • Kokkoris I., The crisis is finally biting! The response of the EU Merger Control Regime to the need for corporate restructuring, International Corporate Rescue vol. 11 issue 2, 2014.
  • Kokkoris I., State Aid Law v Single Resolution Mechanism: David v Goliath or vice versa?, forthcoming, International Corporate Rescue, vol 10, issue 6, 2013.
  • Kokkoris I., Olivares Caminal R., Lessons from the Financial Crisis for Competition Enforcement, Business Law Review, volume 34, pp. 13-23.
  • Kokkoris I., Olivares Caminal R., Papadakis K., Galazoula The DOs and DON’Ts of Credit Default Swaps (CDS) in the Context of the EU Sovereign Debt Crisis, Journal of International Banking Regulation, March 2013
  • Expedia and Booking.Com: Agent or Distributor, Competition Policy International, January 2013
  • Kokkoris I., “Should Crisis Cartels Exist Amidst Crises?” Antitrust Bulletin, December, 2010, pp. 727-756.
  • Kokkoris I., Marsden P., “The Role of Competition and State Aid Policy in Financial and Monetary Law”, 2010 13(3), Journal of International Economic Law, pp. 875-893.
  • Kokkoris I., “Meeting Competition: Abuse or Defence”, 2010, Hellenic Review of European Law, pp. 75-109.
  • Kokkoris I., Olivares-Caminal R., Papadakis K., “The Greek Tragedy: Is There a Deux ex Machina?” 2010 7(4), International Corporate Rescue, pp. 213-219.
  • Kokkoris I., Zevgolis N., “Competition Policy post-Lisbon Treaty”, 2010 1, Hellenic Review of European Law, pp. 29-37.
  • Kokkoris I., Olivares-Caminal R., Papadakis K., Guest Editorial “The Greek Tragedy”, 2010 11, Journal of Banking Regulation, pp. 257–259.
  • Kokkoris I., “Cartels Amidst Crises”, 2010, (in Greek) Δίκαιο Επιχειρήσεων και Εταιριών (Business and Company Law), April, pp. 307-311.
  • Kokkoris I., “Assessment of Efficiencies. Should the DG Competition follow the OFT example?” 2009 30(12), ECLR, pp. 581-592
  • Kokkoris I., “The Marine Hoses Cartel. Multijurisdictional Cooperation and Criminal Liability” 2009, (in Greek) Δίκαιο Επιχειρήσεων και Εταιριών (Business and Company Law), June, pp. 1-4.
  • Kokkoris I., Leanne D., “Buyer Power in UK Merger Control”, 2009, 30(4), ECLR (European Competition Law Review) pp. 176-188.
  • Kokkoris I., “Was There a Gap in the ECMR”, 2009 1, Concurrences, pp. 1-12.
  • Kokkoris I. (2009), “The EC Remedies Notice: A Comment”, in Concurrences, 4- 2009.
  • Kokkoris I., “Assessment of Vertical Mergers: Application of the EC Non-Horizontal Merger Guidelines”, 2008 10, (in Greek) Δίκαιο Επιχειρήσεων και Εταιριών (Business and Company Law), pp. 1-4.
  • Kokkoris I., “Concerted Practices: Object or Effect Infringement?”, 2008 3, (in Greek) Εφαρμογές Δημοσίου Δικαίου (Enforcement of Public Law), pp. 923-940.
  • Kokkoris I., “Abuse of Superior Bargaining Position/Abuse of Economic Dependence and the inapplicability of Article 82” 2008, Hellenic Review of European Law, International Edition.
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  • Kokkoris I., “Potential Competition and its implications for mergers”, (in Greek) 2008 Επιθεώρηση Εμπορικού Δικαίου (Commercial Law Review), March.
  • Kokkoris I., “Assessment of Mergers Inducing Coordinated Effects in the Presence of Explicit Collusion” 2008 31(4), World Competition, pp. 499-522.
  • Kokkoris I., and Olivares-Caminal R., “Lessons from the Recent Stock Exchange Merger Activity”, 2008 4(3), Journal of Competition Law and Economics, pp. 837-869.
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Public Engagement

Speaking Engagements

  • May 2017: Professor Kokkoris spoke at the EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum on Public Procurement and Competition
  • May 2015: Professor Ioannis Kokkoris delivers a presentation on Recent Developments in EU Merger Control at LUMSA University, Rome
  • December 2014: Importance of Competition Advocacy in Competition Enforcement, 10th Asian Competition Forum, Hong Kong
  • November 2014: How does the revamped UK mergers framework (including strengthened suspension and reverse powers) compare internationally? Westminster Business Forum, London
  • October 2014: The role of consumer needs in competition advocacy, World Bank Competition Policy Advocacy Awards, Washington DC
  • October 2014: Abuse test, or lack of, in non-price based abuse of dominance cases, Swedish Competition Authority
  • September 2014: Resale Price Maintenance: Economists Vs Justice Breyer, 11th Baltic Competition Conference, Vilnius
  • June 2014: 8th IMEDIPA Annual Conference on Competition Law and Policy, Istanbul
  • April 2014: First Sino-UK conference on Corporate Law, Beijing
  • March 2014: Single Resolution Mechanism v State Aid Control, Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), Tilburg
  • February 2014: Merger Control for the ASEAN region, 5th Annual Conference of Competition Enforcement in CEE, Bratislava
  • December 2013: 9th Asian Competition Forum, Hong Kong  
  • October 2013: Crisis Management Directive Symposium, Tubingen  
  • September 2013: Greek Public Policy Forum, Chania  
  • June 2013: 2nd Annual International Conference on Law, Regulations and Policy, Singapore
  • June 2013: Balance of Competition Policy and Financial Regulation, Ottawa  
  • June 2013: Consolidation in the Banking Industry, Athens  
  • April 2013: Is Deterrence enough? Taipei  
  • March 2013: Cartels and Deterrence, Lithuanian Competition Council, Vilnius  
  • March 2013: Market Definition in Media Markets, Lithuanian Competition Council, Vilnius  
  • June 2012: Economic analysis in Mergers, Bucharest  
  • June 2012: Judges Training, Budapest  
  • March 2012: Deutsche Borse/NYSE: The Saga Continues, Beijing June 2012  
  • December 2011: Financial stability and bank mergers, New Delhi,  
  • October 2011: Banking Stability and Competition, OECD, Paris  
  • June 2011: State Aid Policy in 2008-2010, Washington DC  
  • May 2011: Competition Issues in Bank Mergers, Athens  
  • March 2011: New Substantive Merger Guidelines, Warsaw  
  • March 2011: Bank Mergers and Financial Stability, Hong Kong  
  • October 2010: Competition Policy amidst Crisis, Michigan  
  • April 2010: “Bundling in Article 82”, Rome.  
  • April 2010: “Failing firm Defence for Failing Banks”, Coventry.  
  • April 2010: “Inadequacies in National Merger Legislations”, Brno.
  • January 2010: “Is there a Gap in Article 82?” London.  
  • September 2009: “Liberal Professions”, Bucharest.  
  • July 2009: “Criminal Cartels”, Rome.  
  • May 2009: “Efficiency Defence in Horizontal Mergers”, Athens.
  • April 2009: “Merger Policy in the Wake of Financial Crises”, Budapest
  • April 2009: “Failing Firm Defence in Failing Industries”, Warwick University.
  • March 2009: “Is There a Gap in Article 82”, Rome.
  • February 2009: “Collective Dominance in ECMR and Article 82”, University of Thrace.  
  • October 2008: “Corporate Governance Issues in Stock Exchange Mergers”, invited to speak at the OECD, Paris.  
  • September 2008: “Competition Policy in Developing v. Developed Network Markets”, at Which competition policy for regulated industries?: Governance and sector-specific perspectives, Istanbul.   
  • July 2008: “Criminal sanctions in the fight against cartels”, at Italian Competition Authority, AGCM, Rome.  
  • July 2008: “Event Studies in Merger Assessment”, at Competition and Regulation European Summer School and Conference, Athens.  
  • July 2008: “The Development of the Concept of Collective Dominance in the ECMR”, at International Conference on Law, Athens.  
  • April 2008: “A Critical Assessment of the ECMR Reform”, at the 11th Competition Law Scholars Forum, Glasgow.  
  • March 2008: “Non-Horizontal Merger Assessment”, “The Gap in the ECMR” at the OECD Workshop, Budapest.  
  • February 2008: “UK Merger Control”, presentation to the University of Warwick.  
  • June 2007: “SLC v. Dominance. Evidence of the Gap”, presented at “The Reform of EC and Greek Competition Law”, Athens.
  • June 2007: “The Coordinated Effects Saga”, Democritus University Law School.  
  • February 2007: “Stock Exchange Mergers”, British Institute of International Commercial Law.  
  • February 2007: “UK Merger Control, theory and practice”, University College London.  
  • January 2007: “Competition and Regulation Aspects of Stock Exchange Mergers”, University of Warwick.  
  • July 2005: “Countervailing Buyer Power under Articles 81 and 82”, Office of Fair Trading.  

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