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Certificate in Intellectual Property Law

The Certificate in IP Law M3EC

The Certificate in Intellectual Property Law is designed exclusively for trainee patent and trade mark attorneys. It is a one-semester (13 week) course with a high concentration on many of the practical aspects of patents, trade marks and designs and greater involvement of patent and trade mark practitioners to complement the academic treatment of the subject matter.

The teaching term runs from 12 September or the first Monday following this date annually and finishes in Mid December. Exams run over two-weeks in January each year.

Students must obtain 60 credits in total.

In addition all students must attend 'Basic Principles of English Law, Practice and Evidence' which is non-credit bearing but is of special relevance to intellectual property practitioners.

Professional Exams Exemption

Students who successfully complete their examinations are exempt from the foundation level papers of the Joint Examination Board of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and three out of four of the foundation exams for the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys. The professional stream programme is accredited by the statutory regulator Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg).

Entry requirements

Applicants must have a minimum 2:2 Honours degree and at least six months' experience and either be currently employed or has previously been employed as a trainee patent or trade mark attorney (or within a similar role). References from your employer(s) will be required to prove your experience within the field.

How to apply

Applications for September 2015 entry are expected to open on 1 October 2014.

Apply online for the Certificate in IP Law

If you are unable to access the online form or would prefer to submit a paper application, please contact the Admissions team by email on The Admissions team will also be able to help with advice, or if you have any difficulty using the online application form.

Contact us

For further information contact: Sharon Watson, MSc and Certificate Administrator
Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8098

Elizabeth Mills, UK

Elizabeth Mills, UK

Certificate in Intellectual Property Law 2009-2010

“After completing a four year Masters in Physics at Oxford University, I was in the contradictory position of wanting to work both with words and with science. After some research, patent law seemed like it would provide the ideal mix of the two. After obtaining a position as a Technical Assistant with Page White and Farrer in London in 2008 I soon discovered that all of my skills could be used; not just the one involving calculators. The following year, my firm sent me on the Queen Mary Certificate in Intellectual Property (IP) Law course. This course grants successful candidates an exemption from the foundation level professional examinations needed to qualify as a UK patent attorney. In addition to laying the basic groundwork on various aspects of IP law, the course provided an active forum for discussing current issues and gave a sense of community and fellowship to IP trainees. I personally found it interesting to study the IP that I don't necessarily work with everyday and to discover how relevant it is to most aspects of everyday life. The course has inspired me to look to include other areas of IP in my future career development. As a result, I would highly recommend this course to anyone either new to the profession or hoping to enter it.”

Duncan Hobday

Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property 2010-11

GlaxoSmithKline Prize for best Patent student in the Cert IP

Trainee Patent Attorney, W. P. Thompson & Co

I recently completed the Queen Mary Certificate Course in Intellectual Property as part of my training to become a qualified UK Patent Attorney. I had been in the profession for around a year prior to starting the course. The content and delivery of the course exceeded my expectations, the lectures gave a solid and accessible introduction to the all the general aspects of intellectual property law as well as offering viewpoints and analysis from both academics and professionals. The friendly atmosphere meant that it was easy to meet, discuss the course and socialise with trainees from other firms.

The course has provided a great foundation for me to build on as a trainee Patent Attorney. It gave me the opportunity to study and learn about aspects of the law in depth which I am now able to practically apply in my work. My experience at Queen Mary, although short, was extremely rewarding and enjoyable.

Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark, Graduate Trainee Patent Attorney - J A Kemp & Co, Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law

"I attended the Queen Mary Certificate Course in Intellectual Property as the first stage in obtaining the necessary formal qualifications for becoming a UK patent attorney. I had already been working at a private practice firm for around one year by the time the course started. The lectures provided a challenging but accessible, well-rounded introduction not only to patent law, but perhaps more importantly to more general aspects of intellectual property law.

Not only did the course help to place the career that I am now pursuing into its natural context, it also provided a useful opportunity to consider in more depth some of the issues relevant to my work, but not always easy to dwell on under the time pressures of the office. The well-informed and enthusiastic lecturers, the convenient, Central-London facilities and the friendly atmosphere all played their part in making my short stay at Queen Mary a most rewarding and enjoyable experience."

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